Breakthrough Course for 1500+ players with GM Aleksander Goloshchapov Part1 – The Secrets of Dynamic Play

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Part 1 – The Secrets of Dynamic Play
Tired of missing good tactical opportunities in your games? Want to develop your sense of initiative and become a better attacking player? Improve your understanding and boost your practical skills with “The Secrets of Dynamic Play”.



One of the most frequent questions my young students ask me is “how to understand when to play positionally and when dynamically?”. This is a tricky question that most chess players cannot answer clearly.

To address this question, firstly you need to master the Concept of Tactical Motives. We thoroughly cover it at the very beginning of the course. A tactical motive is the most important element of Dynamic Play. Clear understanding of the concept helps better identify when it is time to consider the position concretely and act energetically.

As chess is mostly a tactical game, in Part 1 we look in detail at dynamic aspects. It is well-known that the development of the attacking skills is high priority for young players.

In Part 1, you get the detailed answers to the questions:

  1. What are the short-term factors?
  2. What are the indicators that you need to switch to Dynamic Play?
  3. How to fight for the initiative from the first moves?
  4. What is the positional ground behind any successful attack?
  5. What skills do you need to develop to become a strong attacker?

The Course Main Objective is to give you structured knowledge and, even more importantly, help you develop valuable practical skills.

Every lesson is practical training where the student has to make a decision on every position given in the class. After the lesson, the homework on the covered topic is provided in Chessbase format, where the theory is to be applied in practice.

The “The Secrets of Dynamic Play” course comprises 12 group classes (around 2.5 hours each):

  • 1-3 classes – Concept of tactical motives.
  • 4-6 classes – Development of pieces. Dynamic advantage.
  • 7-9 classes – The Center. Its importance and benefits.
  • 10-12 classes – Mastering Initiative and Attack.

On the course platform you find:

  • Group class video (2.5-hour duration).
  • Class summary and highlights.
  • PDF file with general principles available for download.
  • Homework and the class materials in Chessbase format available for download.
  • Video instructions on “how to do your homework”.
  • Extra materials on the topic.
  • Homework solutions with explanations by Aleksander Goloshchapov in video format (40 minutes long).

The student uploads the homework in the personal area. Every completed homework is checked and evaluated by the school curator. We use point system to encourage involvement.

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FIDE rating 1500+


GM & FIDE Senior Trainer Aleksander Goloshchapov


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