Mastering Calculation technique

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Calculation technique is a crucial and universal skill which is a must in a wide range of situations on the board, such as:

  • dynamic operations
  • initiative and attack
  • defense and counterattack
  • converting an advantage
  • double-edged endgame

Polishing your calculation technique is one of the most valuable investments into your chess mastery.

Calculation must become your reliable servant that would help you make your strategic ideas work. It gives much of confidence when you know that you can rely on your calculation!

“Mastering Calculation technique” course helps you get systematic advanced knowledge and develop your practical skills.



The technique has been developed and polished by Aleksander Goloshchapov during his professional player career, and 16-year coaching experience with young IM-GM prodigies like Parimarjan Negi, SP. Sethuraman, Vaibhav Suri, SL. Narayanan, Shardul Gagare, Ankit Rajpara, Raunak Sadhwani, Arjun Kalyan, Raja Rithvik, Aditya Mittal and many others.

This course is recommended to 2100- 2400 FIDE rating players, although even IM-GM players will find some valuable advanced concepts and techniques.

The course goals are:

  • To give the students structured knowledge about the most important aspects of calculation technique like:
    1. When to calculate?
    2. Role of positional understanding and dynamic feeling.
    3. Tactical motives concept.
    4. Right order of calculation process.
    5. Discipline is the key.
    6. When to quit the line. The importance of evaluation.
    7. Prophylactic thinking.
    8. No rush! Do not sacrifice quality for speed.
  • To development very important practical skills such as:
    1. Sensing the momentum.
    2. Calculating with great discipline and concentration.
    3. Finding candidate moves.
    4. Checking most forcing options first of all.
    5. Comparison and elimination method.
    6. Calculating slowly enough to see how the position is changing.
    7. Reciprocal thinking.
    8. Visualization.

The main content of the course is recorded group sessions with numerous practical tasks followed by detailed instructive discussions.

In every class, you also find in-depth video content on the current topic by Aleksander Goloshchapov.

While working on video of a group session:

  1. You receive numerous practical tasks that you need to solve yourself.
  2. In video, you get the right and wrong course of actions in this position.
  3. Aleksander Goloshchapov provides all the necessary theory and professional analysis, so you learn to think and calculate like a strong GM.
  4. You also learn from other students’ instructive mistakes and strategies how to avoid them.
  5. At the end of every discussed position, Alexander Goloshchapov gives a condensed summary of the most valuable points.
  6. The process is repeated over and over again.

The training program comprises:

  • Video of 3-hour interactive group sessions by Aleksander Goloshchapov – 6 classes in total.
  • Access to the platform with extensive course materials for 12 months.
  • Individual homework evaluation by the curator or Aleksander Goloshchapov personally.
  • More than 25 hours of video and more than 120 positions for practice.

On the course platform in your personal area, you find:

  • Group classes video (3-hour duration each).
  • Class summary and highlights.
  • PDF file with general principles available for download.
  • Homework and the class materials in ChessBase format available for download.
  • Instructions on “How to do your homework” in video format.
  • Video on every class homework solution with detailed explanations by Aleksander Goloshchapov (around 90 min long).

The student uploads the homework in the personal area. Every completed homework is checked and evaluated by the curator or Aleksander Goloshchapov personally. We use point system to encourage involvement.

Important! The course materials are available for 12 months after the course is activated. We prolong the access to the course materials for the students that continue their studies at our school.

The course author is GM Aleksander Goloshchapov

  • FIDE Senior Trainer since 2015.
  • 16-year coaching experience with young prodigies.
  • Prepared 8 Indian International GMs (all 13-19 years-old) and 11 IMs.
  • Brought up more than 30 champions and medal winners of World, Asian, and National Youth championships.
  • For 7 years, worked with S.P. Sethuraman, Chess Olympiad Bronze winner for Indian men’s team.




The price – 180 US Dollars

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